Suzanne Cotsakos is a worldly, quirky gal who can bring your projects to life! Growing up in Belgium and traveling to over 30 countries has allowed her to infuse those experiences (and accents) into her voice over work. Her voice is warm, friendly & real. It also ranges from bright and youthful, smart and honest, to sexy and sultry. Her improv background has also enabled her to create fun (and grounded) characters on the spot. Suzanne’s professionalism in the studio shines as she seamlessly blends her ability to take direction with her focused and friendly attitude. You can hear her as the voice of Figley in MUTASIA: The Mish Mash Bash,  she also sings as the character on the music album, Nature Calls: Songs From MUTASIA.






  • Mic: 1-A Harlan Hogan Signature Series
  • Interface: SSL2
  • DAW: Twisted Wave w/ Izotope  de click plugins
  • Mac Book Pro
  • Source Connect Standard, Zoom, Skype


Kalmenson & Kalmenson - Voice Over For Actors (Jill Remez), Level 2 (Leslie Wadsworth), Animation 1 (Anna Graves), Animation 2 (Andrew Racho).
The Voicecaster- Intro to Animation & Video Games (Dave Boat), Animation 2 (Dave Boat), Commercial 2 & 3 (Kelly Moscinski), Animation Intensive (Marsha Goodman)
Carroll Kimble - Private Coaching
Paula Vanlandingham - Private Dialect Coaching
Sara Sherman - Animation Workshop
Richard Horvitz - Animation Weekend Workshop
The Mocap Vaults w/ Richard Dorton- Intro to Mocap Acting , Heroes & Monsters 1,  Heroes & Monsters 2, Pure Imagination
Marc Morisseau - CQB1